Dear Guest,

I’m Brad Modrich a father, husband, and multi-passionate businessman who is working on making waves in the world of business.

I come from very humble beginnings and grew up in Allentown Pennsylvania, I like to say I’m a “knucklehead kid from the east side”. I am a high school drop out and convicted felon that has completely changed my world and inspire others to do the same.

For nearly two decades I created my name in the Pennsylvania market as fitness guru and sales & marketing expert and served as one of the vice presidents for the national health club chain. My client dedication and customer service skills were impeccable and honorable. I am also a published author, investor and one of the co-founders of Trifecta Credit Solutions along with a few other businesses. I also served our amazing country as a United States Marine. I decided to make a commitment to making a difference in the world and I am changing people’s lives on multiple platforms through my transparent, honest & RAW approach. I am excited to continue educating more people with simple and effective ways to live a highly productive and healthy life.

I can wait to meet you!

Within each episode, I interview experts, influencers, and thought leaders like yourself. I feel that you have value to share within at least one of these categories:

  • Conflict
  • Success
  • Adversity
  • Business
  • Fitness / Health
  • Mindset
  • Relationships

In order to deliver outstanding value to both of our audiences, please take a moment to fill out this form as complete as possible. I’ll use this information to create engaging questions and to learn more about you prior to the show. Generally, the interview lasts between 45 to 60 minutes. I prefer to do these over video conference, to feel more connection with each other. The interviews follow a conversational format, rather than a series of scripted questions. The show is intended to be UNCUT, RAW & REAL.

Once the form is filled out and submitted, you will be presented with an online calendar link to schedule the interview. Thank you!

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    Interviews are typically 60 minutes total in length, consisting of 50 min of interview and 10 min live audience Q&A.
  • Also, if your name is difficult to pronounce, I'd appreciate a "rhymes with" or sound spelled out. People hack my last name all the time, I get it! Modrich is "MOD-RICH" by the way.
  • I may use these bullet points to lead into questions during the interview.
  • I generally will NOT ask about polarizing topics, such as religion, politics, and such. I have a very diverse audience.
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