About Brad A. Modrich

Brad A. Modrich is a father, husband, and public speaker who is making waves in the world of business. 

Coming from very humble beginnings and growing up in Allentown Pennsylvania who he likes to say he’s a “knucklehead kid from the east side”.  A high school drop out and convicted felon has completely changed his world and inspires so many others to do the same.

He created his fame in the Pennsylvania market as fitness guru and sales & marketing expert, serving as one of the vice president for the national health club chain LA Fitness for 17 years.  His client dedication and customer service skills were impeccable and honorable. He is also a United States Marine and highly successful certified personal trainer and life coach for over 20 years. He’s decided to make a commitment to making a difference in the world and is changing people’s lives on multiple platforms through his transparent and honest approach. Brad is excited to continue educating more people with simple and effective ways to live a productive and healthy life.  

~ “If you truly want to be successful, you must be willing to help as many people as possible without expecting anything in return. Do things for people who will never be able to repay you.”